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there is a boy in a basement with a four track machine... [entries|friends|calendar]
Conor Oberst Fans

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(and my closest friends)

[28 Jun 2012|05:25pm]

It's nice to see other people that like Bright Eyes. <3

(and my closest friends)

[28 Mar 2008|05:45pm]

 Hey, I'm new here, but I've started something that I'm hoping to get going strong. Please join the cause.

Massive Conor/Bright Eyes meme

Thank you!

(and my closest friends)

Bright Eyes Icons [27 Jun 2007|07:46pm]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

x11 Bright Eyes

If you like this band, check out my other icons here.

(and my closest friends)

Show Review and Persuasive Piece [27 Apr 2007|02:23pm]

I recently wrote a couple of articles on Bright Eyes. One was a simple show review and the other was an argument about why the haters should listen to him. Check them both out here.

(and my closest friends)

Extra Ticket [01 Mar 2007|11:19pm]


Is anyone looking for an extra ticket for the show tomorrow at Bowery Ballroom (18+at 8 pm)?

If so I have an extra ticket, you would just need to meet me on line as it is will call.

We can talk about the price.

(1 cigarette and my closest friends)

bright eyes update [09 Dec 2006|12:58pm]

for those of you that receive the saddle creek newsletter, you'll already know about this, since it was included in the one that was sent to our e-mail inboxes yesterday.

"Our first releases of 2007 will be in March:
Maria Taylor - Lynn Teeter Flower CD - March 6, 2007
Bright Eyes - Four Winds EP CD/12" - March 6, 2007
A new Bright Eyes full length will follow in April. Be on the lookout for more on these new titles as well as pre-order information in early 2007!"

eeep! who else is super-excited?

(and my closest friends)

[12 Oct 2006|04:52am]



(1 cigarette and my closest friends)

[22 Apr 2006|09:24pm]

I want a livejournal screen name that is Bright Eyes esque.
Including lyrics or songs or anything.
Any ideas?

(and my closest friends)

bonnaroo! [21 Apr 2006|02:47am]

theres this awesome music festival coming up! its called bonnaroo, and i just wanted to spread the word. its a 3 day festival with tons of activities planned, awesome food and homemade crafts. AND AWESOME MUSIC! BRIGHT EYES, BECK, DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, BEN FOLDS, and tons of other bands are going to be playing. heres a link to the specifics if youre interested!


if you have any questions, just ask!

(and my closest friends)

[20 Apr 2006|10:16pm]

Join lovenothing____, the best Bright Eyes community there is!!

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